Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Rocio Montoya: Collage

Rocio Montoya is a photographer based in Madrid, she combines her amazing skill of photographic with an excellent eye for art and design, by combining these elements together she is able to create wonderful and interesting pieces of art that really open a unique insight to how she portrays the world and people around her. In a lot of her work she uses deconstruction to take apart old and new photographs to be able to fuse them with different elements which in turn creates an image with a new identity to a possibly forgettable photograph. 

I love the way the Montoya works as she isn't afraid to develop and change her art so that it becomes refreshing and contrasting from many of the photographers and artists around today, and by being able to create identifiable pieces that you would relate back to her and her style is an amazing achievement and something that is truly inspiring.

Below a link to her website and a few of her images..

Discovering Herself.com

Herself.com was created by Caitlin Stasey with the idea for women to be able to witness all female forms with out feeling corrupted by advertisement, and with out the fear of being overly sexualised by showing there bodies and sharing there stories with others. By sharing there images and words with the readers of the website, the women involved hope to evoke a sense of solidarity within women and to triumph in being able to take back the images that others use to gain profit from our insecurities.

On the website there are a number of different women who have shared themselves and there stories, each unique and worth exploring. I really love the concept behind this project and would encourage people to take a look at the website, even participate..

Below are a few photos and a link to the website..

"(Y)ou’re never obliged to do anything with anyone at anytime regardless of circumstance & anyone telling you otherwise is a creep and needs to be re educated or branded as a sex pest." -Caitlin Photo by Jennifer Toole

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Recently I took a short trip to Milan, although only being there for a few days I saw and absorbed so much, the city is so beautiful and I would really recommend anyone to visit even if it inst for very long. Whilst being there I did some sight seeing and saw the amazing Duomo Cathedral, which was stunning, by just wandering you can see so much, of course stopping for a coffee every now and then and do some window shopping and not daring to enter the shops where the price of a hat could buy you a new car. But none the less it was a beautiful place and I hope to go back, and next time for longer..

Monday, 1 December 2014

Angelo Pennetta

Angelo Pennetta is a fashion photography who has worked with and photographed some of the most well known and beautiful faces in the modelling industry, he is able to capture people and a sense of personality rather than taking images where they are just seen as a clothes horse. I really like Pennetta's work as I think it is hard to make such simple things so intriguing and beautiful but he manages to capture this and differences in peoples faces. He brings out the fun in people and then conveys it on to a magazine cover which is an amazing change from the sullen face models you see posing in most high end adverts. 

Here of some examples of his work that I really love..




Friday, 28 November 2014

Carsten Holler

Carsten Holler is a scientist and an artist, an unusual but beautiful combination, by combining these two elements that he is passionate about. He creates interactive installations that encourage fun and an intimacy with his work. I may be the only one but i hate when you go to a gallery and you can't touch or feel any of the art, and this is why this particular artist really stood out for me, as that is the whole idea of his exhibition. He really does create some beautiful work that combine culture and interaction.

I have included some photos of one of my favourite exhibitions of his..

Friday, 21 November 2014

Sammy Slabbinck

In this post I will be showing you an artist that I have only recently found, Slabbinck combines art and photography to create one of a kind photographs that really represent time era with an added humour to each photo. He takes the audience to a bazaar part of his mind, and it is really an inner look of his thoughts and how he chooses to portray them! I love this artist as he really shows a unique way of integrating different elements and techniques that merge together so well and so beautifully.

Some of the following photos are my favourite created by Sammy Slabbinck..

Sammy Slabbinck Collage Art and Illustration

Sammy Slabbinck Collage Art and Illustration

Sammy Slabbinck Collage Art and Illustration

Links to more of Sammy's work..

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Insperation from Alexa Meade

I think that the first artist that truly inspired my work would have to be Alexa Meade, her inception like people within paintings within pictures are just incredible, her work is truly unique and she has such a great talent. I stumbled upon a when I was studying Meade photography at college and after going in depth in to her personal life and work I took great inspiration from her and her work and I created what I think was some of my best work at the time. So thanks Alexa, if it wasn't for you I would have created this..

Alexa Meade at work

My creation inspired by Alexa Meade's style