Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Discovering Herself.com

Herself.com was created by Caitlin Stasey with the idea for women to be able to witness all female forms with out feeling corrupted by advertisement, and with out the fear of being overly sexualised by showing there bodies and sharing there stories with others. By sharing there images and words with the readers of the website, the women involved hope to evoke a sense of solidarity within women and to triumph in being able to take back the images that others use to gain profit from our insecurities.

On the website there are a number of different women who have shared themselves and there stories, each unique and worth exploring. I really love the concept behind this project and would encourage people to take a look at the website, even participate..

Below are a few photos and a link to the website..

"(Y)ou’re never obliged to do anything with anyone at anytime regardless of circumstance & anyone telling you otherwise is a creep and needs to be re educated or branded as a sex pest." -Caitlin Photo by Jennifer Toole

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