Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Rocio Montoya: Collage

Rocio Montoya is a photographer based in Madrid, she combines her amazing skill of photographic with an excellent eye for art and design, by combining these elements together she is able to create wonderful and interesting pieces of art that really open a unique insight to how she portrays the world and people around her. In a lot of her work she uses deconstruction to take apart old and new photographs to be able to fuse them with different elements which in turn creates an image with a new identity to a possibly forgettable photograph. 

I love the way the Montoya works as she isn't afraid to develop and change her art so that it becomes refreshing and contrasting from many of the photographers and artists around today, and by being able to create identifiable pieces that you would relate back to her and her style is an amazing achievement and something that is truly inspiring.

Below a link to her website and a few of her images..

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